Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hip Hop Annals: 'Wu Royal Fam' - Lost But Not Forgotten

Artist/ Group: Royal Fam aka Wu Royal Fam/ Royal Famous

Members: Dreddy Kruger, Timbo King, plus various other rotating Wu-Affiliates members

Comments: One of Wu's best Affiliate groups with strange pictures telling tales smothered in metaphors and synonyms galore. In the vain of 'Black thought' of the Roots, one of two permanent members 'Timbo King' is complex wiht his flow and deliver and holds no bars wiht his satire and descriptive 25th century take on our 22nd century thinking. Track like 'Fire' and Black Castle Spring to mind. Some of you may know this group and not realized who they are, they have dropped tracks and verses on many Wu projects one of my favourite being 'Wu Killer Bees' on the first Track entitled: The Legacy. Yea, Nuff Sed!

Look these guys up, If you find music by them grab it, don't even bother listening to it to see if you like it before you buy it, download it, whatever.

Worthwhile and part of our ever expansive pool of talent in over and underground Hip Hop. Those were the days!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

0'Natchurals Words

Untitled (XX)
By 0'Natchural

I hear thunder,
Clapping against the skies,
As if it were the sweat drenched skin of inner thighs,
During the dance,

And it is good,

She moves,
Sultry tones writhing through her being,
Pleasure nodes aflame,
Senses engulfed in life's sweet nectar,

I greet her flurrying sway,
Gyrating to her flow as if keeping time in beat,
All misconceptions ascue,
In the moment we are akin to symbiosis as she pulls from deep within me,

We clash like armies on a battle field,
Meld violently like metal alloys smelted whole,
Impurities cast asunder,

Words are lost,
Time stands still.

Pentalk News - New Soweto Kinch EP

Pentalk does it again... One of our most decorated members, Soweto has put out his latest effort to reclaim the annals of Hip Hop for the glory of the talking pen. Spitting his usual "verbal 'erbals" (Copyright 1975. DiNATCH da Pentalker LOL) every which way but wack.

Released on 26th Nov, two time MOBO winner Soweto Kinch drops his new 6 track EP , The War In A Rack mix tape,[featuring both national and international artists. Including Verbal Kent, Tumi [Tumi the Volume] and C4sey[Pentalk].

This disc is loaded with Soweto's trademark BurningSwine swagger and lyrical twang, tinged with that brummy slang. Beats are filled with stylistic Jazz loops and soulful melodies as we are used to hearing from Soweto. This disk is a must hear. Go cop it now!

I have supplied one track for your listening pleasure. Please support the cause by spreading the word and help bring Hip Hop back home. Spread the love!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Movies - Black Dynamite

Now This seems to be my year for movies. First I get a good dose of Ninja al la Sho Kusugi and now I get a fix of funk 70's style in the vain of 'Shaft' 'Dolomite' and 'Cleopatra Jones'.

Another favourite genre of movies of mine is the Blacksploitation movies such as: 'Superfly' 'The Mack' 'Foxy Brown' and 'Coffee'. Lots of karate chopping, back splitting, face kicking action, slathered with dollops of comedic one-liners and hilarious stunts. that's my kind of movies.

'Black Dynamite' looks like the shit and I will be checking it out. Here is the trailer for your perusal.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Silli Philli Productions Tees - This is for the Geek in you!

Okay, so amongst many things in my life including being a founding member of 'the Pentalk clique' many may not know I am also a designer.

As most designers I am restless in my endeavors which seem to be ever increasing, my brain floods daily with the ideas for music, lyrics, website, illustrations, clothing and much more and now back full circle to tee-shirt design.

My Best friend and fellow group mate 'Short Change' used to print and sell our own brand of ghetto niceness brought to you by our 'Silli Philli Productions' line back in 1993 in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. At only 15 - 20 pound sterling you could own a limited edition piece from runs as low as five prints and they didn't get much higher than say 25-30 prints off one design. Putting our best kept slogans and artistry, all hand printed and drawn mind.

Well My brother is currently a guest of her majesty and we stopped the shirt biz more than thirteen years ago. I have never stopped wanting to set up again even before I moved to Canada in '96. And now I am finally acting on that wish.

Silli Philli Productions is on its way back and I promise it will be worth your while to check these shirts and designs out. A flux of graphic artistry on one end of the spectrum flashing like a katana blade across to the opposite side showing word play and font mastery. We will have shirts that appeal to all moods, groups and cliques, not to mention the individual. All limited runs and all goodness. The website is to eb announced, but we will keep you updated on details so you can follow the journey and see if you buy into our shtick and part with your hard earned federal currency to own one of these splendid masterpieces. Here is one of the premiere pieces... ' I heart 8-bit' get at me for more info.

Silli Philli Production official site: [TBA]